William Madden

William Madden

Founder & CEO, bridge21

William Madden is CEO and founder of Bridge21, a money-transfer company that uses Bitcoin in its strategy for giving customers a cheaper, faster, easier way to send fiat from one country to another. Currently dollars are sent from the U.S., processed as Bitcoin, and received as pesos in Mexico. Plans are underway to support many other currencies in the global $300-billion fiat-money-transfer market. Prior to founding Bridge21, Madden developed financial technology and or led teams at Western Union, First Data, and Paymap—including designing and building front and back-end systems of prepaid, point-of-sale, and other financial products; developing and managing operational processes; handling C-level negotiations; expanding capacities of call centers and back-offices; monitoring and improving operations efficiency; resolving and preventing high-risk and critical operational issues; preventing fraud; conforming to global regulations; and integrating U.S. point-of-sale infrastructures into major international networks, among other things. Madden has managed financial-enterprise projects with multimillion-dollar budgets for implementation all over the world.

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