Wayne Vaughan

Wayne Vaughan

Founder & CEO, Tierion

Wayne Vaughan is founder and CEO of Tierion, a company whose product is the Tierion “proof engine.” It anchors large volumes of records to the Bitcoin blockchain, and uses the blockchain’s distributed consensus to create a universally-verifiable proof of any data, file, or business process. Examples of its wide range of solutions include proving the integrity of data collected from medical equipment; generating a receipt for anything you purchase; creating an audit trail for business processes in healthcare, financial services, and insurance; ensuring trust between landlords and subletters; and verifying transactions in the medical-marijuana industry. Vaughan is also an advisor to Blockchain Capital, LLC, and president of Fuscient, the corporate-communications services company he founded that’s developing a marketing-automation platform called SmartNet for managing lead capture, email marketing, web analytics, website personalization, and automated direct mail.

Enterprise Blockchain Startups

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