Siddarth Kalla, CFA

Siddarth Kalla, CFA

Researcher, Smith + Crown

Siddharth Kalla, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), is a blockchain researcher and contributing writer to several financial publications, including American Banker, CoinDesk, and Smith + Crown Cryptofinancial News. As Chief Technology Officer at Acupay, Siddharth Kalla is in charge of the IT behind the company’s services in cross-border finance, securities processing, international tax relief, securities issuances, and international investment, as well as the Acupay tools that let central securities depositories (CSDs) offer worldwide fiscal services to clients directly, without going through a global custodian. Acupay handles over $200 billion worth of global securities for over 10,000 global users. Kalla has deep understanding of how new technologies can and will be used in the financial marketplace, and expects Bitcoin, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies to determine the future direction of the finance industry.

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