Ryan X. Charles

Ryan X. Charles

Cofounder & CEO, Yours

Ryan X. Charles is the co-founder and CEO of Yours, which is solving the content-monetization problem with peer-to-peer micropayments. Yours is like Medium, but with a pay wall. Creators and curators get paid directly by consumers instead of publishers who use their content to sell subscriptions and third-party ads. One intended result is better content on the internet. Formerly, Charles was an engineer at BitPay, an engineer at BitGo, and was the cryptocurrency engineer at reddit. He’s been in the crypto space since 2011.


Are New Social Networks Going to Make Blockchain Mainstream?

Channel One

Are blockchain-based social media applications the best way for blockchain technology to become mainstream? How important are network effects in blockchain ecosystems? What are the various business or incentive models that can succeed? What will be the role of ads in a blockchain-based attention economy?