Ronny Boesing

Ronny Boesing

Founder & CEO, OpenLedger

Ronny Boesing is founder and CEO of OpenLedger ApS, the world’s first blockchain-powered decentralized conglomerate (DC). It’s a growing ecosystem of interlinked and mutually-supporting companies—currently including the gaming, automated-advertising, currency-exchange, app-exchange, and ICO/ITO industries. Tokens the OpenLedger DC supports currently include BTSR, APPX, REALITY, and OpenLedger’s own profit-sharing token OBITS. The Bitshares-based, Graphene-powered platform also provides multiple diverse companies with end-to-end crowdfunding services, and supports OpenLedger’s high-speed, low-cost, secure, real-time decentralized exchange (DEX) where traders control their private keys and can log in with a barcode scan. Longtime internet marketer and financial geek, Boesing was so inspired by the vast potential of digital currency that he resigned as CEO of Coinsbank so he could create OpenLedger. He also serves on the BitShares board, and will soon be releasing OpenLedger’s crypto debit-card.

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