Robert Viglione

Robert Viglione

Cofounder, Zencash

Rob Viglione is co-founder of ZenCash (ticker: ZEN), a decentralized blockchain-based platform for private, distributed, secure, permanently recorded, attack-resistant communications and financial activity. As a PhD candidate in finance, Viglione is an expert in crypto-finance, asset pricing, and crypto-related innovations, and teaches university courses about Bitcoin and blockchain applications. He’s the North America Ambassador at Blockpay, helping businesses use blockchain technologies to overcome problems with security, prohibitive fees, chargebacks, and unstable currencies inherent in fin-tech systems of the 20th century. He has a B.A. in physics and actuarial mathematics, an MBA, and PMP certification. He’s served in the U.S. military as an officer, and has managed R&D and software-development teams in space-radar, satellite-orbiting, intelligence-operations, and other projects for the USAF and the USMC.

Privacy Coins: The Value of Anonymity

Channel One

The value of privacy in financial transactions, communications in both consumer and enterprise applications. Discussion on privacy technologies. Monero, Zencash