Renat  Khasanshyn

Renat Khasanshyn

Cofounder, Etherisc

Before joining core Etherisc team, Renat was Venture Partner at Runa Capital and Founder/CEO of Altoros. Altoros became a 250+ people strong consultancy building developer platforms & application marketplaces using distributed computing, applied cryptography and deep learning. Most recently Renat led inception of insurance practice at Altoros together with its key customers Allianz, Allstate and Liberty Mutual. The practice built several carrier-centric canonical blockchain use cases, – insurance fronting, reinsurance and insurance securitization (catastrophe bonds). Renat began his career in 2001 as a software engineer at a regulated insurance intermediary in Tampa, Florida, where using Perl/CGI and an early LAMP stack he built one of the first B2C online distribution websites with real-time payment, policy issuance, matching a network of 30,000 doctors with uninsured or underinsured consumers in the US. In 2007 Renat co-authored Apatar, – GPL-licensed, 100% open source data integration tool, and co-founded Belarusian Java User Group. Renat studied Engineering at Belarusian National Technical University.

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