Paul Sztorc

Paul Sztorc

Economist, Bloq / Creator, Truthcoin

Paul Sztorc is an economist at Bloq, Inc.  Sztorc discovered Bitcoin in 2011, while a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University. After graduating, he worked at Yale directly under the famous economist William Nordhaus on appropriate statistical input for the design, execution, and analysis of studies concerning macroeconomic research. In his spare time, he invented Truthcoin, which went on to become Bitcoin Hivemind. Roger Ver labeled it “possibly the most important invention since Bitcoin itself,” and paid Sztorc to quit his day job and work on Bitcoin full time. An exceptionally skilled statistician, Sztorc is passionate about knowledge, scientific truth, and scientific methods used to uncover truth. He proposed a technology with which “altcoins are obsolete, Bitcoin smart contracts are possible, and Bitcoin Core and BitcoinXT can coexist.” He also created a completely decentralized governance model for Bitcoin, and says he’s proved it’s logically impossible for “proof of work” to be “more wasteful” than “proof of stake” or “proof of whatever.” Sztorc is currently an economist at Bloq. You can ask him anything on BitcoinTalk.


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