Patrick Baron

Patrick Baron

Head of Sales & Business Development, Ambisafe

Patrick is currently the Head of Sales and Business Development for Ambisafe, which has been pioneering blockchain technology since 2010.  Ambisafe has launched over 20 blockchain projects including co-development of Tether, Bitfinex, Chronicled as well as launching the successful ICOs for ChronoBank,, and He is a Consultancy Advisor to Blockchain at Berkeley which is UC Berkeley’s student led blockchain group with over 200 student members.  He is an Adjunct Instructor of Blockchain at the FinTech School where he created the Blockchain 101 web course and leads corporate workshops. He is also a cofounder of the OSCRE Blockchain Initiative which is brining together the commercial real estate industry to develop blockchain projects. 

Workshop: How to Launch Your Token Sale/ICO

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Have a great idea and team and want to raise money using a Token Sale? We’ll show you how to launch a Token Sale/ICO from soup to nuts. Tips, Tricks and No-nos