Micah Winkelspecht

Micah Winkelspecht

Founder & CEO, Gem

Micah Winkelspecht is founder and CEO of Gem, a company whose blockchain application platform helps businesses solve error, waste, fraud, and abuse problems caused by the separate, disconnected data silos that result from everybody having one unique digital persona for each company we do business with online. By means of global identifiers that link the data of one person or asset, GemOS lets companies securely collaborate and exchange data about individuals’ separated online personas, and thereby reduce or eliminate related costs of manual reconciliation, lost time, and missing records. GemOS solutions apply to healthcare, automotive, supply-chain management, and other industries. Prior to Gem, Winkelspecht was a CTO in the finance industry, CEO/founder of a startup, project manager, business development manager, and senior developer of software for gaming, patented search tools, iPhone apps, and many other products.

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