Lisa Cheng

Lisa Cheng

Founder, Vanbex Group

Lisa Cheng is the founder of Vanbex Group, a consulting firm for companies in the digital-currency, blockchain, and decentralized-technology sphere, specializing in support for communications, business strategy, legal compliance, marketing, product development, product launch, technology integration, application development, PR, investment marketing and relations, and ICOs. Cheng is also co-founder of EtherParty, Vanbex’s drag-and-drop smart-contract wizard that allows users with no knowledge of smart contracts or coding to easily create enforceable, self-executing digital agreements for all types of transactions, including escrow, new tokens, supply-chain management, betting, real estate, and construction. Vanbex raised $500,000 in its first round of seed-capital financing in May. Clients include companies and developers behind projects like Ethereum, Dash, Aeternity, VidRoll, Equibit, First Blood,, Factom, Ribbit (now Loyyal), Spells of Genesis, Tendermint, KeepKey, Storj, Blocktrail, Bitshares Munich, Node40, Emercoin, Coinkite, Colu, Trucoin.

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