Jonathan Chester

Jonathan Chester

Founder/President, BitWage

Jonathan Chester is founder and president of Bitwage, an international payment-processing company that lets businesses pay wages with Bitcoin, and lets workers find Bitcoin-paying clients. Bitwage also gives workers a way to be paid in Bitcoin, even if the client they invoice isn’t registered with Bitwage. Bitwage can be set to split wage-payments into two distributions of any percentage balance, and deliver them in one of three distribution types: local currency, Bitcoin blockchain, or Bitwage Cloud. Fin-tech research tool MEDICI ranked Bitwage at number seven in the U.S. and 21 in the world for uniqueness, potential impact on the fin-tech industry, and blockchain usability. Chester is a contributing writer at, has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, and has delivered speeches on blockchain regulation to the Amsterdam Institute of Finance, members of the European Parliament, and at conferences such as SCAPayments, Transact15, and Inside Bitcoins.

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