Jake Brukhman

Jake Brukhman

Cofounder, Coinfund

Jake Brukhman is co-founder of Coinfund, a blockchain technology research company, crypto-asset investment vehicle, and next-generation cryptofund. By making strategic investments in cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, and decentralized technologies, CoinFund constructs a highly liquid, uncorrelated, high-growth, accessible, and transparent portfolio to prove the concept of next-generation retail investment vehicles. Brukhman is a technologist with a background in mathematics and computer science, distributed systems, web development, product management, private-equity research, and startups. His current focus is on blockchain technologies and decentralized systems. He is lead advisor for decentralized digital-services development at The Kin Project.

Token Sales/ICOs : Token Investment Funds

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People all around the world have invested millions in days and even minutes in Tokens/ICOs. More and more investment funds are starting to focus part or all of their portfolio in tokens. Discuss the different asset allocation strategies of various investment funds.