Doug Petkanics

Doug Petkanics

Founder, Livepeer

Doug Petkanics is an entrepreneur, software developer, and co-founder of Livepeer, a company that’s building a crypto-token protocol for decentralized, peer-to-peer, live-video broadcasting. The protocol will make it possible for live-video streams sent to Livepeer in various bitrates and formats to be automatically transcoded so each stream can be viewed at various connection speeds on various devices around the world. Livepeer will also offer node operators incentives made possible by smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain, i.e. they’ll earn tokens in exchange for the computing power Livepeer will need to host and distribute the broadcast data. Petkanics also co-founded Wildcard and Hyperpublic, and served as VP of Engineering at both. As a software developer, he’s worked on data-focused architecture, agile development (Ruby/Rails, Python), mobile development (iPhone, Android), enterprise web applications, mission-control software for the Department of Defense, modifications to the Bittorrent protocol, and contributions to the original XQuery implementation.

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