David Vorick

David Vorick

Cofounder, Sia

David Vorick is founder and CEO of Nebulous, and co-founder Sia a decentralized cloud storage platform based on blockchains. Sia launched successfully in 2015, and has been protecting user data ever since.  Sia’s storage fees are about ten times lower than fees at companies like Amazon and DropBox. Users hold their keys; no outside company can access or control files. Files are split apart, encrypted, and distributed to dozens of nodes on a decentralized network around the world, eliminating the possibility of loss due to a single point of failure. The currency, Siacoin (ticker: SC), can be mined, purchased, and traded. In addition, users who provide disk space for Sia storage customers are paid for that service in Siacoin. David also has work on blockchain scalability, including a talk he gave at the 2016 Scaling Bitcoin conference in Milan.

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