Benson Samuel

Benson Samuel

Founder & CTO, Coinsecure

Benson Samuel is known as the bitcoin-spokesman of India. He’s founder and CTO of, a bitcoin exchange that caters to the India crypto market. Samuel and his projects educate, enable, and inform Indians about crypto; provide them with easy access to bitcoin; and reduce barriers that hinder bitcoin’s progress in India. Now a passionate bitcoin expert, Samuel set out in October, 2012, to bring about the strong growth and use of bitcoin that’s happening in India today—by such means as promoting and evangelizing bitcoin and bitcoin business solutions; designing and building technology that makes it easier for people to get and use bitcoin; setting up bitcoin meet-ups across the country; co-founding and blogging on India Bitcoin; and partnering with Bitpay USA, the largest bitcoin payment-processor of bitcoin in the world. He’s been consulted by and appeared on CNBC, TechCrunch, Forbes, LiveMint, Times of India, Economic Times, and many other major news companies.

Consumer Blockchain Startups

Channel One

Public blockchain applications: cross-border transactions, investments, insurance, remittances, savings, payments, social networks, web 3.0, governance etc.