Anthem Blanchard

Anthem Blanchard

Cofounder and CEO, Anthem Vault

Anthem Hayek Blanchard is co-founder and CEO of precious-metals investment and storage company Anthem Vault.  Anthem Vault provides individuals with an efficient and liquid way to buy, own, and sell fractional amounts of physical, 100% fine gold and silver bullion. Anthem Vault’s spinoff company AnthemGold is launching an Ethereum-based utility token, HERCULES (ticker: HERC), that functions to verify the existence of the gold backing its digital, spendable Anthem (ticker: AGLD) token. Each Anthem token is backed by one gram of physical gold, can be redeemed for physical gold, and will soon be tradeable person-to-person on a private network. Blanchard is the son of Jim Blanchard III, a man who campaigned tirelessly, from the confines of a wheelchair, to end a law that made it a crime to own gold. Blanchard played a leading role in the design of the business model for GoldMoney, which enjoyed an increase in value from $1 million to $368 million in the six years Blanchard was in charge of strategy and marketing there, and which now manages over $2 billion in client assets.

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