Angus Champion de Crespigny

Angus Champion de Crespigny

Financial Services Blockchain Leader, EY

Angus Champion de Crespigny is blockchain strategy leader for financial services at EY (formerly Ernst & Young), one of the largest professional services firms, and one of the four largest accounting firms, in the world—and the only one with the stated purpose of “building a better working world.” The teams Champion de Crespigny leads and oversees help large organizations in multiple industries leverage opportunities of blockchain—e.g. distributed-ledger-technology, decentralized reputation systems, and new business models—so they succeed with such matters as responsible innovation, regulation, and new products and markets that include identity management, customer onboarding, and supply chains.  Champion de Crespigny has done industry-leading blockchain research for organizations in many industries. He has a strong background in technology and regulatory compliance, and has applied experience to a broad range of large-scale strategy and implementation engagements. His areas of focus include technology strategy, distributed-ledger and infrastructure technologies, cryptocurrencies, digital identity, regulation, and software development and implementation.

Blockchain in the Enterprise

Channel One

Comparing public vs private/permissioned-based blockchains. Upgrading, disrupting, or building from the ground up?